Two Skincare Game Changers for Anti-Aging

Ice rolling The popularity of ice rolling and lymphatic drainage has increased recently in the beauty and wellness world, and for good cause.  Ice is great for your skin. In addition to de-puffing (like if you cried your eyes out all night), it helps improve circulation in your face, prevents wrinkles and aging, and decreases… Continue reading Two Skincare Game Changers for Anti-Aging

7 Stress Relieving Activities

Eliminating stress is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Today I thought I would share 7 quick strategies I have used when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Sometimes just completing one of these activities turns my whole day around. 1. Diffuse clary sage with bergamot or wild orange. Clary sage helps with hormones and irritation,… Continue reading 7 Stress Relieving Activities

Favorite Non-toxic Soap

  When it comes to beauty products, many might overlook the importance of buying a good soap.  If you live in Ohio and love to shop local like I do, I highly recommend you check out Emily’s Soaps. Emily’s Soaps is a small company located in Northeast Ohio that specializes in handmade, cold pressed soap,… Continue reading Favorite Non-toxic Soap

Easy Back to School Prep

  According to a friend and co-worker of mine, in August you just want to “rip the bandaid” of summer off, yet you still dread doing so.  If you are a teacher like me, you may feel like you are in limbo, unable to fully relax yet desperately wanting to soak up the last bits… Continue reading Easy Back to School Prep

Morning Routine of a Working Mom

I'm a firm believer in finding the morning routine that works best for you, and your child, despite what anyone else says is “correct”. Recently, I feel like I’ve found a groove that works for my family in the morning, including one particular change I made which was a total game changer for a good… Continue reading Morning Routine of a Working Mom

Current Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

I am curious about botox.  There, I said it. I am. Ever since my first year postpartum, when it looked like my eyebrows were becoming one with my eyelids, I have wondered if botox would be the way to go to make me look younger again. Now that I’m a little farther out from the… Continue reading Current Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Green Beauty Switch- Out : Bronzer

The first product I have replaced on my green beauty journey was that of my everyday bronzer. I was using a drugstore bronzer which I loved, however it was heavily fragranced with a tropical, “beachy” scent. Not only was the added perfume unnecessary and overpowering, it is something that I am working on cutting out… Continue reading Green Beauty Switch- Out : Bronzer